Multimillionaire Stuart Goldsmith, Author of The Midas Method, The 7 Secrets Of  The Millionaires, Real Life, Privacy and many others, wants to know... Are You...

" Tired Of Being Broke And 
Getting Nowhere...?

Does It Seem That No Matter How Hard You Try You Just Cant Get 
Ahead In Life...!!!"


      I've been there too and I genuinely believe that it's NOT YOUR FAULT...You've been lied to, conned and cheated from the day you were born...

     Now it's time to break FREE from Debt, Desperation and Failure...


Join me NOW for a NEW Life of 
Wealth, Freedom and Power...!
.. And for the first 100 people I am giving a massive discount... more on this later...






Dear friend,

  Have you noticed how seemingly impossible it is to make more than a modest wage, without someone trying (successfully) to take it away from you?

   Strange, isn't it? Just when you think you are getting ahead of the game, WHAM! along comes something to knock you down, time after time.

   Ever thought that others were getting ahead but that some ‘unseen force’ seemed to be stopping YOU?

   Well you’re right! And I know what it is… but you’re not going to like the answer.

So what's it all about and Who Am I...?

   My name is Stuart Goldsmith, I used to be unhappy, unfulfilled and massively in debt ...I was living day to day as a minimum wage BBC engineer...

    I did this for many mind numbing years until I discovered what actually was going on and how I was being controlled and held back from the success I deserved...

    I started to question what I was being told ...I started to slowly and surely unmask what I call the control conspiracy...A conspiracy designed to keep me a poor compliant wage slave.....

    By exposing the hidden agenda of the powers that be and using them to my advantage I am now a multi millionaire living a fantastic life of freedom, wealth and success.


    I am also the best-selling author of The Midas Method, The 7 Secrets of the Millionaires, Real Life, Escape The Matrix, Privacy and many other life changing publications.

    My books and courses have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide in a dozen countries and have been translated into several languages including Japanese, Korean and Greek...

    My sell-out seminars attract people who are happy to pay me £3,000 - £5,000 a ticket to hear what I have to disclose.

    I'm not saying this to brag. It's just that if you've never heard of me, you may be wondering if what I have to offer is genuine.

    For the last Seventeen years I have mentored over 23,000 people worldwide to improve their finances, gain more personal power in there lives and achieve freedom and success.

    I have been their guide and mentor along this exciting path revealing to them everything I have discovered about gaining personal freedom in an un-free world...


I Believe That 99.87% Of The Population Don't Even Know

These Controls Even Exist...


So...What's this got to do with you..?

Well...This letter is an invitation for you
to join them in my Inner Circle
Mentoring Program.

    Thousands of people have responded to my personal invitation and joined my Inner Circle. A group dedicated to improving the lives of its members, and under the instruction of someone who has 'been there, done that' - a wealthy individualist who is prepared to share his knowledge with others..

    One thing you should know straight away is that I am a Multi Millionaire. That's important. Why would anyone want to learn about making money from a broke person? Beats me! Also, I did not inherit my wealth. I made every penny of it, starting from nothing, running my own business and building it up - and this is the only way (barring luck, crime or marrying it) to make serious money..

I want to share my vast experience of making money with my Inner Circle students

"....Thank you once again for your inspiration....."

"The content and thinking behind Inner Circle philosophy is superb and has had nothing but positive results in my life. Thank you once again for your inspiration."

David Clarke, Sheffield

    I firmly believe that people are sick to death of 'get rich quick' promises and are heartily tired of receiving letters or viewing websites promising to make them into instant millionaires. I'm sure you will be relieved to hear that my
Inner Circle
does not offer that!

    I hope you agree that this is a very different story from the usual rubbish you have heard. Things like: "Yes, you can become a millionaire overnight!" and "You can have it all instantly!" These illusions are seductive and can tempt you into parting with hard earned cash for them, but you know they are empty promises. You are left feeling frustrated and cheated..

Can You Really Improve Your Life...! 

    There is a way in which you can improve your life beyond all your expectations. Instead of going it alone, why not join a group of like-minded people under the tuition of someone with an impressive track record - a multi millionaire with Seventeen years of mentoring over 23,000 students?

    Before I tell you the benefits of becoming a member of my elite group, I have to make one thing very clear:

    The only thing I ask from you is a commitment to honesty - both with yourself, and towards the society in which you live. One part of The Inner Circle teaching exposes the illusions or 'con-tricks' which keep you poor, trapped and powerless. To expose these illusions I have to tell you the blunt truth - about yourself and about the world. Some people find The Inner Circle materials shocking, or even offensive. In short, people do not like having their security blanket snatched away from them!


    So, if you are not prepared to have your illusions stripped away, then forget about joining my group. I will tell you here and now that you cannot become a powerful, successful and free individual if you 'sign up' for one or more illusions. Money is made in this world by facing the facts of reality. Power and freedom are obtained by waking up to the truth about yourself, other people and the world..


The people in my elite and rather secretive group share
three things in common :-


1. They all want to be extremely wealthy..

2. They all want to be completely free from external controls..

3. They all desire real power and freedom in their lives..


"...It's a MUST if you want a life...!"

"A brilliant course. Do not miss the opportunity to do this course. It's a MUST if you want a life!"

Kaz Lemmon, Tidworth

    However, you becoming free and wealthy is the last thing that employers and governments want because they won't be able to control you; they would rather you were a docile and compliant 'Wage Slave' and did what you were told and not ask too many questions! I told you you wouldn't like the answer...

    Have you ever wondered why, despite an epidemic of religion across the globe, the world is still a mess? Have you ever questioned the scale of government bureaucracy and wondered where it was all leading? Have you ever sighed in frustration at the distorted lies of the media and wondered if you are ever told the truth about anything anymore?

    Are you sick to death of never having enough money even to pay your bills, let alone enjoy the good things in life? And are you heartily tired of being pushed around by society, bosses, spouses, religions, governments and anyone else who feels like conning you out of your life values?

    One final question: Are you prepared to DO something about improving your life - something which has worked for others? If so, you may consider joining my Inner Circle..

I'll Be Your Personal Guide...

  When you join my Inner Circle, I will guide you to these goals (through ten modules) as I have guided others for the last Seventeen years. Each module contains confidential materials which will allow you to progress up through the levels of power, freedom and knowledge.

    There are ten levels in all, and you will receive ten modules on creating wealth in your life and ten modules on how to regain the power in your life...Twenty modules in all... Also you will receive a powerful Audio Recording of the Power teachings. Plus an easy to follow workbook. Designed to increase your understanding of my revolutionary philosophy.

     As you complete each level, you will rise in personal power, and your financial life will start to come under your control. All materials are strictly secret, and I would ask you not to reveal any information to anyone of a lower grade than yourself. You will understand why I insist on this, when you see the nature of the materials!

Your Own Personal 'Money-Pump'

     Although power and freedom are desirable, most subscribers are interested in making money. There are only two legal ways to make a lot of money:

  1. Start and run your own business.

  2. Sit back and rely on luck (lottery, marrying into money or getting an inheritance)

    There are no other legal ways and you will never make the big bucks working for someone else - in case you hadn't noticed! So one of my urgent tasks is to find you a 'money-pump' business which suits you and at which you can make a lot more money than at present. Ideally you should aim to work half as hard and get twice the money. Hundreds of thousands of people do exactly this, so why not you?

    I am assuming that you are not the sort of person to rely on luck but want to steer your own 'ship of prosperity' instead of drifting with the tide.. So to this end I have created what I call the Inner Circle Wealth Creation Trilogy....

    A definitive three part guide to what I consider the best most lucrative business on the planet... Information Publishing.... When done properly this business can give you every thing you ever wanted in life....These are in addition to my Inner Circle wealth creation teachings...



   The Inner Circle Trilogy starts with this 95 page manual on the most Powerful and Profitable Business in the world today...Information Publishing...

     Covered in the manual are Powerful Wealth Creation Secrets on how to  generate massive Wealth from creating simple information products.. From reports right through to full courses and DVDs. This manual leaves no stone unturned on how to Generate Massive Wealth from the Information Publishing Business...


     Once you have created your money pump information product you will need to market it... Not as easy as it sounds... This manual gives you everything you will ever need to know about how to sell your information product...From creating simple web ads right through to using direct mail and Internet Marketing...75 pages bursting with cutting edge strategies and techniques...



    One of the most overlooked skills needed when creating wealth through information publishing is how to write killer sales letters that will convert readers into hungry buyers... Once mastered, this skill will take you from mediocrity to success in the shortest time you can imagine... This is not a black art as some would have you believe...Copywriters like you to think this so they can charge you an absolute fortune for there services...


       The truth is its not that hard to write winning sales copy... Using the skills revealed in this 131 page manual you will be writing sales messages to rival the top copywriters in just weeks... Once learnt this skill won't ever leave you and will be something you can use time and time again to create wealth and success in all areas of your business life.

The Benefits of Joining My Inner Circle

I'm sure you have many questions about my Inner Circle, and so let me tell you some more about this remarkable group and the benefits it offers if you decide to join:


Inner Circle  is a group of like-minded people who seek to break out of poverty. They want personal power and freedom. Many of them are on their way to achieving these goals. 17 years ago The Inner Circle was founded and since then over 23,000 students have received my Inner Circle mentoring program..

Each module will reveal to you materials associated with your particular grade. It takes a few weeks to digest this material and so the normal student is recommended to only read one level per month. I also recommend reading each module at least twice. There are ten levels (grades) in the program. The objective is to rise through these levels and become an Inner Circle Initiate. You do not have to complete all ten levels to reap the benefits..

As you progress through the power grades, you will be shown exactly (in a practical, real way) how to get the knowledge to earn more money in life and how to obtain personal power and freedom.

What is Covered in the
  Power-Grade Releases. . .?


        I explain my exciting step-by-step formula for starting your own money pump business and how to get up and running for under £200, just like I did when I first started 20 odd years ago. Any fool can make money if they are given a large amount to start with, but in my long experience of counselling success-seekers I have realised that most people do not have much spare cash to start out. I show you how to do it on a shoestring..

        I expose the major con-tricks which keep you in poverty, trapped and helpless. Knowledge of these con-tricks allows you to recognise them for what they are and refuse to be taken in any more. This gives you true personal power.. 



"...Inner Circle has quite literally changed my life...."

"Inner Circle has quite literally changed my life. I have cleared my debts and now have the information to avoid the serious financial trouble that a lot of people get into."
Peter McGovern, Dundee

Warning:... You might find some of these truths a little unpalatable! Don't become a member if you are offended by being told the truth or don't have an open mind. The truth isn't always easy to take. And often it's not pretty. If you're looking for "politically correct" nonsense, instead of reality, you should not consider subscribing to my program. This is only for people who are serious about success, and are intelligent and mature enough to hear the truth..



So...Do not become a member if you;


Are easily offended


Can't accept Reality


Are satisfied with mediocrity


Are a religious fanatic 


    This program is a powerful, hard-core boot camp for success. Do not make the mistake of comparing it with ‘courses’ or ‘manuals’ you may have read which promise to make you rich, but never seem to deliver the results..


This is completely different
    from anything like that...


   The Inner Circle is a group of people under my personal instruction. It is a 'secret' group in the following sense:-


1. The members never meet each other.

2. Details of members are kept strictly confidential.

3. 'Normal' people do not suspect the existence of this group.

4. Membership is by my personal invitation only.

5. The teaching materials are kept segregated into 'power levels', or grades. This means that information is only revealed a bit at a time.

6. All members swear to keep the teaching materials secret.


     I explain why you stay poor and trapped, and how to break free from it. I call this the 'Pharaoh Principle.' If a 'Pharaoh' can con you and other slaves into sacrificing your life-efforts, then the 'Pharaoh' can obviously enjoy more of the good things in life, just as you enjoy less..

     I tell you how to get out of debt and stay out. Debt is your deadliest enemy. Your precious resources are leeched away in debt-service, locking you into a cycle of poverty. Be warned - you need to get angry in order to break free of debt. A wishy-washy, half-hearted approach simply will not do the trick. Believe me, I'll make you angry enough!

     The Inner Circle will show you the way to personal power as you unmask illusion after illusion and 'wake you up' to a new reality. Such a person is called a Inner Circle Initiate. It will be your objective to reach this level, as thousands have done before you. Amongst other things I will reveal...


How to make money and set yourself free.

How others have so much power over your life (even without you realising it) and how this prevents you making any decent money and becoming free.

Step-by-step strategies for getting out of debt and retaining wealth.

Why you should never work for anyone else but yourself. (In a business that makes the maximum money in the shortest possible time)

The secrets of successful relationships.

How to start your own business even if you have no previous experience.

Rich people's most closely guarded secrets.

Why society (governments and employers etc...) prevent you from making decent money for you to be able to enjoy the good things in life and instead keep you struggling to earn money just to pay the bills.

Why you should never trust what the media or government tell you.

The most common mistakes that most people make when starting a business and how to avoid all of them.

What you need to know to protect yourself from being exploited by others (this is very important as most people don't realise what is really happening at the time, when they do it's often too late.)

How to make big money from a business which you can run from home.

The members who have completed their training (Initiates) in my Inner Circle are now well on their way to achieving the following three goals:


 1. Unimaginable wealth

 2. Total power over their own lives

 3. Absolute freedom from external controls


    Let me state here and now that if you are NOT interested in achieving these goals, then my Inner Circle is not for you. Also, if you are a sceptic, a hopeless dreamer then you Should not try to join my Inner Circle.

    A degree of scepticism is healthy, of course. If you have never heard of me, or the work I do, then I would expect you to be sceptical.

   To reassure you, I have already said that there is NO RISK to you whatsoever, and I stand by this. I only accept SERIOUS PLAYERS into my elite group, but if you genuinely want to become rich, if you truly desire POWER AND INFLUENCE then you will greatly benefit from my Inner Circle.


     The Inner Circle's effectiveness lies in its two-pronged approach. One part of the course deals with the practical nuts and bolts of getting out of debt, starting your own business, making money in publishing, advertising, etc. This is pure practical business advice. The second part of the program is concerned with waking you up to the true realities of the world you inhabit. This gives you incredible personal power and answers many of the questions you have always wondered about. 

     Further in depth information on creating wealth is provided to you in the form of my Wealth Creation Trilogy... Ever aspect of Information Publishing and wealth creation is covered within both your course and the wealth creation trilogy...

Look... Here's the deal...

     Accept my invitation to join My Inner Circle Mentoring Program and you will receive my full Mentoring Program PLUS... The Bonus Inner Circle Wealth Creation Trilogy and my BONUS  7 Secrets To Wealth and Abundance Book ... All will made available to on you a special private download page....Once you have reserved your place you will be sent to this private page automatically ...The mentoring program was available for $87.00... But for the next 100 purchases only I am letting the full program go for the special price of.....

    JUST $27.97


Why am I reducing the price by so much?...

Well I would like your feedback... In return for this massive discount all I ask is for your opinion on my course.. Sending me your opinion is totally optional You don't have to to if you don't want to....


Special discounted feedback offer price of $27.97  for the first 100 sales. After that an automated system will change the price back to the normal retail price of $87.00

Don't delay as they will go fast at this low low price...





As a extra special bonus You also receive my best
selling book.



The Inner Circle
7 Secrets To Wealth and Abundance






So....Rich or Poor Now YOU Have the Choice


     Over 65% of people remain poor throughout their entire lives; they retire penniless or in debt and then they die broke and embarrassed. That is, after a lifetime of hard slog, usually in a job they detest, they manage to accumulate... nothing. They are able to leave...nothing.

     Their entire assets amount to...nothing. There are a few cheap sticks of furniture, some photographs, a heap of rubbish and...that's it. The whole lot would fit into an average sized skip - but generally it's just tossed onto a bonfire by 'house clearance specialists.' A quick coat of paint and the house is ready for the next person..

   You live in the most startling, incredible decade in the entire history of the human race - and that is not even close to an exaggeration. There are more opportunities, more wealth-generation ideas, more chances than at any previous time since the dawn of man..

     That too, is a plain fact. If you can't make it in this climate, in this country, in this decade then I can absolutely guarantee that you will stay in, or join the 65% - broke and embarrassed.. 

     Believe me, you don't want to be retired and broke in the coming years - it will NOT be fun. You are NOT going to get a state pension worth having (not that it ever was worth having). If you do not start to take action soon, you will be left behind..

     Are you a man or woman of action? Do you 'walk the talk' or are you just a dreamer? Dreamers live broke and die broke..

  I look forward to welcoming you into


The Inner Circle



"Okay... So You Want To Join My
Inner Circle...
Unfortunately, It's Not That Easy

To qualify...

1. You Cannot Disclose The Information Published In Any Module -- you must agree that you will not disclose what I teach in The Inner Circle Mentoring Program. You cannot redistribute, resell, share, rent out, copy, pass around or reproduce this information in any part, form, shape or manner whatsoever. No one subscribes to The Inner Circle without agreeing NOT to disclose its contents.


2. You Must Make A Commitment To Understand What You Are Being Taught  -- you must make a commitment to yourself that you are going to take what I teach you and use it to improve your life. It's a waste of my life efforts and your time and money if I am revealing valuable information to you when you aren't going to take action and get value out of it.

     So if you aren't going to actually make use of what I disclose in my Inner Circle then please DO NOT try to join. I only want serious people that are going to use what I teach in the program modules. Otherwise it's a waste of your time and money and it restricts serious people from benefiting.


So... Are You Ready To Join The Inner Sanctum
Of My Inner Circle?




      If you want in, then you MUST qualify by meeting the 2 conditions above and join today. If not, it's going to be too late. And you never know when or if the door will open again. There is a final total limit to the people I want this information revealing to..

      I may just decide that there are enough people who want to break free from the controls of others... Let face it if everybody knows this stuff then it would be harder for the elite to control and prosper.

      So you better hurry up and join (but only if you're serious)... Because when I feel the limit has been reached, that's it.

      Click on the join now button before the moment passes... The future will belong to the people who can rise above mediocrity and create there own destiny .. With my help it will just be a matter of time until you are all of these things and more...when I feel the limit has been reached, that's it.

Doors closed!

     Why...? Remember, this is an exclusive program and I can't let the information contained in this program be revealed to the masses..

     You will understand the importance of this when you receive the mentoring materials..

URGENT, you must order soon or risk losing your place.
I might drop this at any moment if I feel there is enough actually receiving my program...So don't hesitate...

My Guarantee To You
Is This

If after seeing the materials in The Inner Circle Mentoring Program you feel that My Elite Inner Sanctum is not for you, then you can have a full refund of everything you have paid...No questions asked....

 No problem.....

If you feel that the information is to contrary to the comfort of the controls and restrictions you have lived with all these years then I don't want your money and I would feel guilty keeping it...You've got a full 60 days to decide if the Inner Circle is for you.....

BUT...PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ANY 3-page letters in green biro on lined paper about how "shocked, appalled and offended you are by the content of my course...I have warned you... It's not for the average person with the herd mentality... 

Stuart Goldsmith




     Thank you for reading this invitation and I look forward to welcoming you as a member of my most elite program. Everything you need to make a decision is contained in this letter. If you decide not to join, then let me take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your life..

Yours Sincerely,

Stuart Goldsmith


  P.S. You can learn how to improve your finances and have true power and freedom in your life. Yes it really is possible. I have helped many thousands along this path over the last Seventeen years. Please read the genuine testimonial letters reproduced here. (I hold over 600 similar letters on file.)



"I would like to thank you for the content of this course, it has been a delight to read. My thinking on money has been altered. By following your simple tips, I reckon I will easily save ten times the cost of the course each year. I am becoming financially independent. Best wishes."
David Callard, Surbiton

"I have been very busy applying the (Inner Circle) lessons. Last month I was promoted, completely out of the blue. This move is accompanied by a significant pay increase and a company car."
Hazel Lorkins, Surrey

"In my line of business (VIP protection) one of the very first rules you learn is 'trust no-one'. I made one exception during the last eight years of my business activities. Approximately five years ago, I met Stuart Goldsmith. Stuart accompanied me on a business trip to the USA to meet with potential investors in my company. By following his advice, my business has achieved exponential growth. In July I was promoted to Vice-President of the corporation and to date, they have invested one million dollars in my expertise. I know I was only able to achieve this because I trusted Stuart. He has remained my mentor during the period I have known him. His unbiased and mission-specific advice has proved invaluable. If you are considering enrolling, then sign up today. You will not be disappointed. This will probably be the cheapest but most productive investment you will ever make in your life."
Mark Yates, Vice President, Berkley & Associates, Alabama, USA


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